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Welcome to The Seventh Age.

This is the first campaign that I am running fully seriously fort D&D 5th Edition. It is going to take place entirely in my own campaign setting, that of The Seventh Age — a time where the world has been through the turmoil of a full-blown apocalypse and now seeks to rebuild itself. This page will be a hub for the campaign. I will be including information here about a lot of aspects of the game here.

Campaign & Setting Information

If you are new to the campaign, check out Assumptions about the World to get the gist of what makes sense in this campaign world. Then check out the links below, as they will show some information about the campaign and world thus far.

Party Status You can see the party’s current status here. This page will tell you how your group is perceived by others in the world, as well as track your current supplies. This page will also link to each character in the party.
Non-Player Characters This is where I will keep track of any NPCs of note that you encounter along your travels.
Locations Similarly, any important locations you go to will be saved here, as well as the party’s current location.
Items Any special or unique items the party comes into possession of will be listed on this page.

Main Page

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