Geography & Politics of the Seventh Age

The world is in a state of rebirth. Torn apart by the Sixth Cataclysm, now all peoples seek to rekindle their respective places across the globe. As a result things are politically splintered, with well-supplied and powerful empires existing alongside intrepid and struggling fledgling city-states.

Continents of the World

The world of Arras is divided into five continents, each with their own prevalent politically enshrined nations.


The continent of Cyraen is home to the Confederation, often referred to as simply “The Seven States.” The name is derived from the core group of seven city-states of sizable resource and renown. These city-states have re-built the old alliances between them as they have rebuilt themselves, but their allegiances are fragile at best.

A council of leaders from each of these places attempts to put their stake into a rapidly spreading confederate rule. As such many distant provinces are under the rule of the Seven States, but their sheer distance from them makes this a tenuous grip and most rule themselves, or are under the stewardship of someone appointed by the Confederation.

The Confederation’s concerns dominate the landscape, as largely human settlements and cities are in various states of reclamation, the leaders of the Seven States seek to ensure that these formative times are influenced heavily by their hand.

Notable Locations:

  • The Seven States—The seven city-states comprising heart of the Confederacy.
  • The Barricade—The entirety of the original Seven States is encased by a massive barrier erected during the Sixth Cataclysm.
  • Strata Doma—The massive fortified human capital of the Confederacy.
  • Strata Vara—Sister city to Doma. Home of the Universita Arcana, high magic population.
  • Ulrecht—Smaller city-state famed for its’ steam-driven technology and engineering. Primarily Gnomish population.


The continent of Veth is a cold and unyielding land to the north. It has been largely lost to the ravages of time, and what few inhabitants it has do not interact with the mortal races much.

Still, it is said that Veth is a place where untold ancient truths slumber, and it is a popular destination for aspiring archaeologists, historians, and students of the arcane—each one a seeker of the knowledge of ages past.


Grimorroth is a large continent that as been marred by conflict. Human colonists from the Seven States have attempted to create a new place for themselves in the east, but the land itself and all of its inhabitants inhibit the way forward for the bureacracy. The original home of the Orc race, their numbers are back on the rise after being sundered by the encroaching colonists.

To those of the Seven States, the continent is simply referred to as “the Colonies” and is somewhat misunderstood to be quite under control. In reality, the indigenous peoples of the continent do all they can to disrupt the expansion of the Seven States into their ancient homelands.

Nations of the World


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