Arras is the name given to the world inhabited by The Mortal Races. It is sometimes referred to as “The Mortal Realm” but the name Arras is historically significant in that it is what the world has been named since the First Age.

There are five continents on this world:


Eidelon is by far the largest continent, dominating the central part of the world. It is thought that before the Sixth Cataclysm, all of the continents were once a part of Eidelon. It is roughly divided into four sub-sections:

  • The Eastlands are the express domain of humankind, dominated by the Confederacy, a fledgling empire of allied nations on a fast rise to becoming the primary world power. The Confederacy is an ambitious machine that owes much of its success to the “Archaeo-tithes” that each of their nations must pay. The various discoveries from ages past have fueled this union’s aggressive development, and the nation pushes for expansion wherever opportunity presents it.
  • The Westlands are more mountainous, and home to the more stoic mortal races (Dwarves in particular). Though there are fewer mortal settlements on this landscape, many of them are powerful City-States in their own right, many of which either sit upon or are reconstructions of great cities past. These states tend to possess unique combinations due to their own archaeological pursuits and approaches. Many of these stand-alone kingdoms do not take the humans’ advances at face value, and the old prejudices ensure that the otherwise peaceable politics between these states and the Confederacy are lined with underlying tensions of varying degrees.
  • The Northlands (also once called The Northlands) is a region of forested areas and wilds, largely uncolonized. This large area represents nearly 35% of the region, and the area is a land known for its magical properties and unique hidden treasures amidst the overgrown woods. It is believed the region overgrew a lost empire-level civilization during the Second Age. The ruins of the destroyed elven super-city Tyr Variel are the epicenter of a region within known as the Vorpal Wastes — a land where the very earth itself has become corrupted with ethereal forces beyond the knowing of most mortals. It is a deadly place to travel, but also holds many mysteries.
  • The Southlands are marked by a sharp mountainous region that gives way to arid badlands and desert regions. The area is separated from the main portion of the continent not only by the Jormund Strand mountains, but by the Atahari Desert. Once past this region, one will find civilization, but the distance from the Confederacy means that these peoples are on a much longer leash. The Confederacy spends time and resources to corral these groups as needed.



The country of Cyraen is the home to many powerful city-states, and is the epicenter of the Confederacy. There is strong trade between the nations and most fall under the Confederacy’s rule.

Notable Locations:

  • Strata Doma – The massive walled capital of the Confederacy.
  • Strata Vara – Sister city to Doma. Home of the Universita Arcana.
  • Ulrecht – Smaller city-state famed for its’ steam-driven technology.





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